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And now the second tag c:

1. Choose one (I let choose two xD) of your OCs.
2. Answer as if you were them.
3. Tag five people to do this meme.

BlackRayser chose two for me:

18304093 350 by Airaly

14485090 350 by Airaly

1. What's your name?
Kerkus: Kerkus. I thought you know, you chose me.
Amelia: That's Amelia. It's a pleasure.

2. Do you know why you have that name?
Kerkus: I guess because it has a sound similar to Quercus, oak genus.
Amelia: Maybe cuz it's cool name for a master trickster like me? Not really questioned it.

3. Are you single or in a relationship?
Kerkus: Single. And I plan to remain that way, for now.
Amelia: Single, but well *sighs* if you can present me to Zarroc it would be really nice from you :heart:

4. Do you have special capacities or powers?
Kerkus: I know everything about anatomy and its weaknesses (especially under cold temperatures) and botany. I can use my plants to affect your bodies in many ways, if I want to.
Amelia: Uh yes, I do something. I like to play with illusions and nightmares, I love also to make purple flames everywhere, they're so adorable! Don't tell to that grumpy-icy boss of ours, he hates flames anyway. Party pooper.

5. Stop being a Mary Sue.
Kerkus: What?
Amelia: I really don't know what you're talking about. But it sounds really funny, if you want me to stop!

6. What color are your eyes?
Kerkus: Ice. Or at least, they used to be that way before...
Amelia: Purple :heart: Do you know any better color?

7. What about your hair color?
Kerkus: Did you look at me? I'm a dragon, I don't have... hair. I'm pretty crooked now but hair is one of the few things I'm not suffering at the moment.
Amelia: Hair? Those extra-long manes like HiLookAtMyShinyAss' sons? Nope. Even if I'd love a purple shiny mane around my beautiful horns!

8. Tell us about your family.
Kerkus: They were good dragons. They started my passion for botany, and I will thank them forever for this. They both died while I was stuck in the Scarred Wasteland, or at least this is what the clan told me. Now Tempesta's clan is my family.
Amelia: Family? I don't have a family, I've been chased away from the Tangled Wood when I was a bit more of an hatchling, I almost don't rememeber them. They were Shadow dragons anyway so I guess they are/were pretty cool?

9. Do you have any pets?
Kerkus: Nope, I don't need pets. Plants are good friends. 
Amelia: Oh yes! All the hatchlings of the clan, they're so lovely pets <3 I feed them sometimes, but the funniest thing is to scare them and look while they run up and down the Claw! Again, that party pooper always scold me, that dragon need some good... entertainment, if you know what I mean.

10. Now tell us what you dislikes.
Kerkus: 'Dislike' is a very soft word, really. I hate with all my heart and will those disgusting scums from the Scarred Wasteland, I'd love to turn their head apart and crush every single bone of their ruined bodies, and guess what? I'd laugh very hard. I 'dislike' two dragons in particuar, but words can't describe what I'm going to do once I got them.  
Amelia: Woah, someone here is pretty mad! Anyway, I dislike almost everything related to sun/light/happiness in general. Fear is a much more interesting reaction, don't you think? Plus, I dislike everyone who tries to read my book. Badly.

11. Do you have some activities or hobbies you like to do?
Kerkus: Experiments. Not really a 'hobby' but well, at least it relaxes me a bit. Ah, don't think just terrible and painful experiments, I like to do normal ones too... sometimes. And meditiation sessions with Akihiko but... I think we still need to work on them. 
Amelia: Oooh, I'm glad you asked :heart: I love to write scary stories and tell 'em to the kids! They're not just stories, they're stories with special effects made by me!

12. Have you ever injured somebody, in any way?
Kerkus: Just a couple of... volunteers for my experiments. But now they're all well and safe, in those frozen caves of the Fortress of Ends. They don't feel pain anymore so they're actually not really injured, right? 
Amelia: You mean phisically or psychologically? I admit it happened I scared someone a bit to much one day... and he started running away crying to mommy without realizing we were in the Molten Scar. Well that's been instructive, at least!

13. What type of animal are you?
Kerkus: A dragon. I thought I told you already.
Amelia: A dragon! A beautiful Guardian to be accurate!

14. What's your worst habit?
Kerkus: They say I'm too sadistic sometimes, and I tend to be also gloomy and "scary". It's not a bad habit, it's just the way I am now, not thanks to me of course.
Amelia:  Uh, I'm a bit (just a bit) capricious, I change my mind very often without a particular reason.

15. Do you admire anybody?
Kerkus: Akihiko, for all the effort is putting in me trying to restore my mind. And Tempesta, he sworn to his life to protect me and teach me how to fight well after what happened, and I'm glad for this.
Amelia: Yup. Myself. A lot. And Zarroc, a bit. But not like myself of course :heart:

16. Are you heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual?
Kerkus: I'm not really in the mood to love someone, but I'd say heterosexual. 
Amelia: Heterosexual! 

17. Do you go to school?
Kuerkus: Uh, I'm not sure there's something similar in Sornieth. Every Clan instructs their ranks in their own ways. So maybe I can say I've been to this "school"?
Amelia: The hell is this "school" stuff? Anyway, I think no. I don't think there's someone responsible enough to teach others in the Tangled Wood. 

18. Would you like to get married and/or having children someday?
Kerkus: Ahahahah NO. Besides, I'm not sure I'd give proper teachings to my sons. 
Amelia: Don't really think about that stuff. I prefer to have fun on my own, for now!

19. Do you have any admirers?
Kuerkus: I highly doubt.
Amelia: Of course! Everyone wo loves my scary stories <3

20. What are you the most afraid of?
Kerkus: I'm afraid my body will not be able to stand against the diseases anymore. I'm trying my best and I'm having success, I'm still alive for now and that's the most important thing. But there's always this fear in a small part of my mind.
Amelia: I'm afraid that someone could steal my book and read what's inside it. I carry it with me for this reason, I want nobody to desacrate my Charge.

21. What do you usualy wear?
Kerkus: A cloak, some rags, what I found around those days. And my precious Plague mask. If you want to be a friend never ask me to remove it, please.
Amelia: I still need to find my own style so for now I have just a random sash and a pretty collar. I'm working on it! 

22. Do you prefer swimming in a lake or in the ocean?
Kerkus: I can't swim! I really wish I could anyway. 
Amelia: In the ocean! I lived in the Sea of Thousand Currents for some time, it was beautiful :heart:

23. It's not over yet!
Kerkus: This is a very wonderful information.
Amelia: Ooook. I have nothing better to do at the moment so go ahead!

24. What is your social class?
Kerkus: Social class? There's nothing that way in our Clan. Anyway I think I'd be the doctor, botanist, scientist or torturer or whatever you prefer. Personally, I like the last one. 
Amelia: Uhm, Superior Trickster of the Great Court of the Icy Party Poopers? Sounds cool, I'm going to ask Tempesta once we finish here!

25. how many friends do you have?
Kerkus: I had many before the Scarred Wasteland. Now all I see in others eyes is pity and regret. Just Akihiko consider me as he did before my diseases, I think he's the only good friend I have now.
Amelia: Well I confess it's hard to be a friend of mine for those small defects I have (just few!) but I'm glad to see that everyone in the Clan is pretty fond to me. If you dare tell 'em this you will regret heavily!

26. What do you think about pies?
Kerkus: Does we have pies in Sornieth? I want one with strawberries, if possible. What? Being a psychopatic botanist doesn't necessary mean that I'd refuse a strawberry pie.
Amelia: I think that I don't like them. I prefer bitter flavors!

27. Your favorite drink?
Kerkus: Water. I think my body can't bear more than simple water for now.
Amelia: BEER! We don't have it here, but I heard there's a lot in a veeery distant place. I'd totally want to taste that golden drink with creamy foam, looks so delicious.

28. What's your favorite place?
Kerkus: The boreal forest around the Claw. It's so peaceful, especially with snow. It's the only place I can let my mind rest a bit.
Amelia:  There's a place, at the very end of the forest, where I found an ancient tomb. Trees are dead around it, and they're all covered in purple ivy born from the tomb. I love that place for unknown reasons, maybe because it remembers me the Tangled Wood I left many years ago. I ususally go there to write my stories, especially at night :heart:

29. Are you interested in someone? 
Kerkus: Yes, you. Would you like to join me for a quick experiment I'm preparing right now?
Amelia: I'd say Zarroc! That strong Shadow buddy attracts me from when I met him the first time <3 Maybe cuz we are bot Shadow dragons?

30. That was a stupid question...
Kerkus: No, it wasn't. I really need a test subject now. Ehi, where are you going? Are you saying whe've finished here already?
Amelia: Well, not worst than all the others dear :heart: Have fun with your next vict...guests, now I need to tals about that Superior Trickster title to a dragon, if you excuse me!

And my tag for this huge thing goes to the usual people: 

Martiverse (non c'è bisogno che ti dica CHI vorrei impersonassi :XD:)

Do it just if you want to, it'd be very funny anyway <3
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